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Organics Studio Masters of Writing Henry David Thoreau Walden Pond Blue

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Organics Studio

  • $ 1400

Blue-green ink with good shading, and strong pink to purple sheen, even in thinner nibs and poor paper quality. This ink is handmade in Maryland.

  • This is a dryer-writing ink. If it writes too dry, you can dilute it with a mixture of 8 parts ink to 1 part distilled water to increase flow.

Henry David Thoreau was an American transcendentalist, essayist, poet, and author (among many other things) that is most widely known for his book, Walden. This work focuses on the simple living that he experienced for two years at Walden Pond in Massachusetts. He is known for his ideas on minimalist living, reduced governments, and civil disobedience.

THE MASTERS of WRITING SERIES – these inks attempt to merge a famous writer from previous centuries with a color that brings them to mind.  These inks are more unique hues that we made to fill gaps in the available ink world.

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